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A Proposed Encumbrance System


Another ENC tweak worth stealing is the system from Castles & Crusades especially gear like pouches, scabbards, sacks, and backpacks. Such items occupied a slot or two but then granted a number of additional slots. The specifics varied with printing but generally a backpack with a ENC value of say 3 allowed you to carry up to 9 ENC worth of gear in it at the cost of only ENC 3. Handy and relatively simple. Naturally the GM and players have to come to an agreement over certain items such as this last week when my beloved wife of 22+ years tried to convince me it was acceptable for her to carry a 10 ft. pole in her Bag of Holding type A. I explained it wasn't the weight, it was the length so it may have fit weight wise but not length wise. Some negotiation will likely have to occur.