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Bardic Inspiration Token

Guten Tag, Board!

This is Manfred from Germany. I am currently deepreading through the Core Rules, and I stumbled upon the Background Bard of Ancient Tales, which - in the major tier description - ist talking about some Bardic Inspiration Token. This ominous thing is never mentioned again in the book, neither the token nor the Bardic Inspiration itself.

I am a long-time fantasy role player, so I know what Bardic Inspiration means, but may I assume this is a leftover from previous iterations of the core rules? Something that has been cut for the current book?

Thanks for clarification!


Hi Manfred!

That's simply the name of the token generated by that specific background (much like the Hatred Token generated by the Slayer background). It's never mentioned again because the Bard of Ancient Tales backgroung is the only source of these tokens.
Its use is described in the background's text:

Any character that listened to you can spend a Bardic Inspiration Token to gain a bonus equal to your Songs & Tales ranks (not the Skill Bonus) to any Skill, Attack, or Save Roll, even after they’ve rolled the dice. Once used, the Bardic Inspiration Token is discarded.


Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Ahh, now it makes sense to me. Similar to the Hatred Token. Thanks for clarifying!


So, let me use this thread for the next question: How does Unbreakable Bond make sense, if only one of the two bonded characters has the background? For this background to work (at least in my logic) both characters need to have either the minor tier or the major tier, but both need to have it and both need to have the same tier. Or do I get something wrong here? Because logically, it takes two to form a bond. But the rules do not state that.

I get what you're saying, but remember that backgrounds and Passions are just a way to highlight elements you (the player) would like to see spotlighted during the game.

So if you're taking the Unbreakable Bond background, you're basically saying that you think this detail is one of the most important elements of your character. You want to see it influence the game somehow.

Obviously, the "other" character will have some sort of bond with yours, but maybe that's simply not a defining element for them.

If you look at the pregens, you'll see that Athelstane has this background with Mornien, while the sorceress doesn't! This doesn't mean she doesn't care for Athelstane, just that the bond won't be a central theme of her part of the story.

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Okay, that totally makes sense to me. I feel it could've been highlighted a little more, tbough,  that its depending on the weight this backgound imposes on the character's individual stories, whether both have to take them or not.

This really qualifies for some unhealthy relationship or even a master/slave situation per default. 😅 This need not be bad, of course, but my first impulse was 'this wouldn't make sense if only one character chooses this background'.

So maybe one more sentence in the next edition or so. 😀

To make things more spicy, you can also have Character A with a Unbreakable Bond with Character B, who has a Unbreakable Bond with Character C!

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Haha, totally on point!


The "triangle bond", as it shall be called from now on, is the classic material in Wheel of Time (Rand and his ladies).