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Beast of Willow Lake map and adaptation

So I've been updating my old Rolemaster setting.  It's a bit less Tolkieny (no halflings for example) which can be managed.

Thinking about where Willow Lake (adapted) would fit and it's pretty simple - the region of Arale, most isolated of the petty kingdoms of Keltia, in a river valley in the Kohan mountains - the map of WL would easily fit in the upper reaches of the valley, over 80 miles from Arale itself.  The mountains are home to one of the oldest dwarf realms.

The map in adventure has no scale that I can see but if the lake is 1km square, the whole area depicted would not be more than 4km by 4km (2.5 miles by 2.5 miles or so) - is that about right?

I'll post more about the setting if desired including the regional map.


Yes, please, I'd love to see that!

And yes, the valley is pretty small. We refrained to put any scale on the map to allow people to adapt it to their setting more easily. You could make it bigger, if you like, without affecting the adventure too much.

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Thanks, let's see if this link works for sharing.  The labels don't work so well when exported to a jpg until you blow it up a bit but I think you get the idea.

It's a Celtic region for most part, post-exit of an occupying Imperial  power (aka post Roman Britain, in this case the Illyran Empire exiting to deal with a resurgent Darkmaster) and driving out the ensuring invaders (in this case Visigoths on Horses who left behind one regional holding).  The continent is called Orhan and since its people know of no other that's also what they call the world.

Keltia holds five small Mannish kingdoms and many smaller, independent settlements. It is largely forested and watered by the rivers Aranlyn, Dothlyn and Vedra. These are the favoured trade routes linking cleared farmlands around villages and towns.

  • Thought Keltia’s people feel themselves “just folk” they do not realize that with the misfortunes that have befallen the great civilizations of the past they are now Orhan’s most prosperous region and a target for conquest by powers mortal and supernatural. Their land is where Orhan’s future will be decided.

Southwest lies the Marsh of Ogmoin. Beyond it is the elven twilight land of Broceliande and the dark Wolfwoods of the orc-lords. To the north is the savage spider and beastman infested Direwood. Keltia borders the North Sea, across which come orc raiders.

  • The Wolfwoods were once part of Broceliande but fell to invading orcs when Broceliande appeared in Orhan, its elven population unprepared for the threat (Broceliande and its Star Elf population are from the Otherworld - Aft'Orhan, that exists in parallel with the mortal world, as the druids teach the other side of a coin, neither can exist without the other yet they are separate, Broceliande was transported during the Rending - the shattering of walls between worlds which lead to necromancy and other sorceries  - your local Darklord failing to ascend to divinity as planned).
  • The Direwood holds ruins from the Elder Times, stone walls and ziggurats lie overgrown by moss and trees. The wise know that this territory was one of the lands of the kinfolks under the Cruel Gods, before the Destroyer Kindreds came (imagine the Cruel Gods as sort of like the Jenoine of S.Brust's novels tinkering with existing species to create variations [don't tell elves, dwarves and humans they're all modified Leshak, that's not how they tell the story], what the Darklord aspires to - the Cruel Gods are so named because they decided the main kin folks were inadequate worshippers, insufficiently eager to sacrifice each other on their altars, and so created more aggressive kins to displace them, orcs etc)

The Darklord is on "3rd time at bat" but with the advantage most people don't suspect he still exists or can do anything to affect the world, and have forgotten completely about his first try.


PS - the original setting had the Celts, Illyans, horse lords etc. but a different set of deities etc.

That's really cool, and yes I think Willow Lake would fit perfectly into it.

What software did you use for the map?

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Thanks. the software is Wonderdraft, it was on sale when I got it (not sure if it still is but the price is reasonable).  I'm still puttering with it (e.g., will eventually edit the pngs of stone circles to give them a more consistent colour).  That's an excerpt of the continental map.

I'm still updating the Word-doc background and will post a link to the "PC-facing" part of it sometime.