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Bleeding, Bandages, and Healer’s Kits

(I’ve been posting so frequently I’m becoming a bit self-conscious; but I rechecked your Open Playtest announcement, and I think I’m doing what you want. I’m eager to see one of my favorite childhood games get an intuitive and streamlined retooling. I recognize that many of my questions/comments certainly are outside of the greater context of the rules that you already have written but aren’t reflected in the QuickStart; I imagine, though, that comments and questions coming out of a place of ignorance might provide you some insights.)

The QuickStart provides no suggested skill test difficulties for stopping Bleeding. I therefore used -10 (Light), -20 (Severe), -30 (Exsanguination).

Bandages probably are a single-use item and make the game interesting in terms of resource management. But what about a Healer’s Kit, which is necessary for Severe bleeding? Do you imagine this to be of permanent use, finite multiple uses, or single use?

Absolutely, that's precisely the reason why we went with an open playtest. Comments and questions by anyone here on the forums are for us an invaluable chance to fine-tune the game and correct possible errors or unlcear bits, before launching the kickstarter.

To your questions: for theQS we wanted to streamline and simplify the rules as much as possible, so we ended up cutting those little details and optional rules that weren't absolutely necessary to run the game.

You're almost on spot with the difficulties you guessed, in the full rules they're gonna be: standard (+0) for light, Challenging (-10) for Severe, and Very Hard (-30) for exsanguination.

Bandages are indeed single-use items. Healer's Kits have 3 uses. Both can be crafted/replenished/substituted between adventures or by harvesting healing herbs.

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