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Chain shirt and breastplate

Hi again,

I've been working with character creation, and I noticed that for Deep and Noble cultures you can choose a chain shirt or a breastplate as part of your outfit. However, how should they be considered regarding armor? I mean, the Armors Table has stats for Chain Mail and Half Plate, covering Torso, Arms and Legs, so I assume they include greaves and bracers. But a chain shirt and a breastplate should protect Torso only, shouldn't they? Or should we consider that equipment as complete Chain Mail and Half Plate? If not, what Penalties should they have for Move and Combat and Bonus for DEF?

Thanks, guys 🙂



For the purpose of the QS rules you can simply treat Chain Shirt as a Chain Mail that covers only the Torso and has -35 (instead of -45) Move Action Penalty. Similarlt you can treat Breastplate as a Half-Plate that protects only the torso, a -40 (instead of -60) penalty and no DEF bonus.

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Great, thanks for the clarification!