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Champion and Dabbler roles?


First time poster. <waves>

I'm guessing Dabbler is a sort of generalist, jack of all trades bard-role character?

Champion is some sort of holy warrior maybe a paladin?

Personally, I prefer fewer vocations but use talents to tweak core classes. So take a warrior, add some sort of divine power(s) talents and voila! You have a paladin. Add various ranged talents, you get a sharpshooter. Outdoorsman talents, now you have a ranger. Mounted combat talents, now you have your cavalryman.

Great job, looking forward to the finished product.

Hi, welcome to the boards!

Yes, the Dabbler is kinda a jack-of-all-trades, though in the end it's really up to the player how to develop it. A Dabbler could be bard, a spy, a mystical assassin, a magical archer, and so on...

Similarly, the Champion is basically a warrior with some magical abilities. Similarly to the Dabbler it could be a paladin, a ranger, a Kai lord, etc...

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