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Class names

MERP was my first RPG and I’m excited for this project. I was wondering if the class names are written in stone. Animist and Warrior are spot on and I love that Bards and Rangers (or Paladins) are now Dabblers and Champions. But Wizards and Rogues seem too DnD (yes, I know RoleMaster had Rogues first). Magician may be passé, but Sorcerer would do. Scoundrel would be less explicitly criminal. It is of course, just my two pennies worth; I am just happy someone is doing this. The QS is so much easier than the original to comprehend.

Edit: maybe Rake instead of Scoundrel.

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Great topic, to tell the truth, Wizards are called such mainly because of Gandalf and the other Istari. Sorcerer would be good but we decided to go with the classic.

We were unsure about Rogue too initially, but in the end the term is immediately recognizable in the hobby and that, IMO, is a plus for people coming from other games.

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