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Cleric/Paladin with different orientation than Champion

Hi Folks!

I am thinking of playing Triple Ace Games’s Hellfrost with the rules of VsD. I think it’s a pretty forward fantasy world with just one or two perks, so it should work out pretty well.

My main issue with it is the fact, that religion, faiths and clerics/paladins are a serious thing there. Hellfrost has a lot of gods, and I would like to incorporate them. Typically, this role would be given to the Champion, but there are also gods of farmers, of healing, of arts, of trickery, and many more. So the spell lores and skill points would not match with the ones of the Champion.

So to narrow the capabilities of the Blessed (in order not to have to distinguish between clerics and paladins, I will call them that from now on) in order to represent the principle of their gods, I came up with the following idea:


I narrowed down the number of vocational spell lores to 6 per god, and those replace the vocational spell lores of the Champion. Further, the player can swap the upper 4 skill categories (those with 5 skills each) in order to meet the principle of their god. Still Development points still need to go with the set of starting skill points of that category.


Freo, the god of wanderers, has the following characteristics:

Titles: The Voyager, Farseeker, Wideranger, the Restless One.

Aspects: Travel, wanderlust, wilderness.

Vocational Spell Lores (by me): Chanting, Cleansing, Detections, Eldritch Movements(C), Healing, Movements of Nature. > The “C” means, this spell lore is characteristic for this god, so the player must take it. The character does not have access to the Common Spell Lores, but to his Kin Spell Lores.

For the skills, the player can now - if they want - swap their Lore category (1 DP, 1 skill at +10, 1 skill at +5) with their Combat category (3 DP, 1 skill at +15, 1 skill at +10, 1 skill at +5). They would probably choose to leave their Adventuring category, as it already is the best of them. Body, Spell Lores, and MP per Level would stay the same, but I’m okay with that. Also, they might allocate 1 DP of their Armor skill to other categories at 1-to-1 ratio (not sure about that, though). Further, they would need to allocate skill bonus to the weapon category which is characteristic for the given god (for Freo it would probably be bow and arrow, haven't yet sorted that out).

What do you guys think about this? Did you ever portray a cleric with the VsD rules other than combat-oriented ones? How’s you do it? How’d it work out? Have any idea or tips for me?

Thanks already!

That's great!

You could also use the Religious Adept background to represent that a character belongs to the clergy of a particular god, maybe selecting beforehand the spells granted by the Major tier according to each deity.

This way you can have also characters of other Vocations (warriors, sages, maybe even rogues or dabblers for gods of trickery, etc) as priests!

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