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Combatant Tracking Sheet?

I ran my first session of VtD this weekend and both players and gamemaster had a great time.

One thing that would help would be a combatant tracking sheet. Will the full version include a form for the GM to track combatant injuries?

I cooked up a simple combat tracker in Word for my own use. This last weekend showed I'm out of practice tracking so many injury types so a quick sheet will be very helpful.

It's landscape formatted with 3 x 2 arrangement and kinda ugly. If someone wanted to collaborate and take my simple/ugly sheet and work some layout magic maybe with each combatant a tattered blood spattered parchment sheet as a background that would be spiffy.

I'll happily donate it to the downloads portion of the VtD website.

Great idea! We're working on a better character sheet (and on the GM Screen), and that could certainly be a nice addition.

If you want to share your work just post a link here and I'll share It on our socials!

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