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Drive points QS2.11

Hi guys,

I've read on the blog comments that Drive points are meant to be removed with the new set of rules.

But they are still described in the QS 2.11 and CheatSheet.

What do we really have to do about them?

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Hi Fred!

we didn't remove the Drive Points, but we have removed the Tapping Drive mechanic.
It seemed to us that having the possibility of using points to gain some situational bonus encouraged Drive Points hoarding, but we imagined that DP should be used as a sort of in-game "currency", and therefore it should be continuously spent and gained following your character's Passions.

Now you can obtain the same bonus boost to Skill, Attack or Save rolls but it is not sufficient to follow your Passions, you have also to spend DPs.
This way you are encouraged to spend the Drive you gain during the game, and not to accumulate it.

And you have to keep track of every DP you spend on your Heroic Path, because this would lead your character to become a hero, but there will be time to talk about that (spoiler).

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All right.

DPs are great, I was just worrying whether the entire thing could have been removed.

It would probably be nice to summarize on a specific thread the rules changes, from QS1.0 to QS2.11. On the forum, I mean.

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