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DriveThruRpg Rule System

I noticed that when I view the Rule System list for finding products on DriveThruRpg that you have nothing specific for your product on there.

You do have d100 / d100 light listed for your product, which pulls up a list of 780 items for that category.

You do have Old-School Revival (OSR) for your product, which pulls up a list of 7,252 items for that category.

It is just a suggestion, but you may see about getting Open 00, and/or Against the Darkmaster, and/or VsD for the Rule System category listing as well.

When people don't know the product and are looking for fantasy rule systems, Against the Darkmaster would be near the top of that list and with that name, it would catch a person's interest rather quickly.

As is, it makes it hard for any third-party developer to be seen as well, such as the one that you featured on your Facebook page.

Again, just an idea.

That's a good idea, we'll try pulling a request to add the Open00 category with DTRPG.

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