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Fares of armors

Hi there!

First of all, congratulations on a great work; I'm actually falling in love with this game. I always wanted to make my own take on MERP, my first RPG system, but this is much better than the idea I had in mind.

Now, a question. I know that the actual QS is going to be superseded soon, but could you please provide the fares of amors? I'm going to playtest the game and want to know if the characters can afford to improve their armor or not. 😉

Again, great work! You can be proud of it.

Thank you!

The fares for the armors included in the new QS are:

Peasant Armor (Furs, padding and such): 0

Soft Leather: 1

Reinforced Leather: 2

Chain Mail: 3

Half Plate 3

Shield or Helm: 1

As with everything, superior or masterwork quality are going to increase an armor's Fare, as well as its effectivness!

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Thanks for the quick reply!