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Foundry VTT support

Hi there. Is anyone working on this as far as you know?

There's a few people on our Discord channel working on it right now, I'd suggest you to check there! Invite:

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Hi, Orlanth. I've been working in some features for Foundry using the Sandbox Worldbuilding System ( You can use what has been done to date. For that, it is necessary to install Sandbox in Foundry and then download and unzip in your "worlds" folder this ZIP file:

There is a video with some explanations about what is included here:

The last version includes a new feature for choosing Kin for your character: go to the "_KINS" folder inside "_cITEMS" and dragg the Kin you want for your character directly on the sheet. This will automatically add the Kin Stat Bonus to the sheet, the Kin Save Roll Bonus, the Kin Base Body Bonus, and the Kin Magic Points Bonus. Negative numbers will appear red and positive green.


Is there a link anywhere on how I can get VsD set up on Foundry?
I just played as a player in a VsD Foundry game and it was awesome. I'm new to Foundry, doing most of my playing over Fant asy Grounds.  I hope VsD comes to Fantasy Grounds as well.