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Greetings & Introductions


Hi everyone and welcome to the VsD forum!

I'm Max, one of the game authors and moderators of these boards.

Please use this thread if you want to introduce yourself or just say hello to the other memebers of the community.

I hope you have a wonderful time here, and can't wait to read your game tales!

See you around,


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Hello Everyone,

I'm Nik, and as well as Max I'am one of the game authors.

I really hope that this board will bring together all the present and future fans of the game.

I am really looking forward to read all about your adventures and heroic deeds!

See you around,


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I'm excited to engage everyone on this board. Against the Dark Master is easily my most anticipated game, and I have greatly enjoyed reading through the materials. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to play as life is busy with our newest child imminently due. However, I have been gearing my other two up for some vsDM as we are reading a certain classic together. 😉


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Hey Everyone!


I'm very excited for this game and can't wait for the full launch next year.


I've been very impressed with the rules that have been released so far and the art is absolutely killer. I'll be streaming some live sessions of the play test on my channel in the coming weeks.


I'll be keeping a close watch on progress of Against the Darkmaster!

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Hello Everyone,

I read the past version of quickstart rules and enjoyed the reading. I'm waiting for the complete version of the game in italian!

At first glance, the game is a collection of good, well-harmonized ideas.

See you in the coming months.

Howdy everybody, ToM's here.

I'm one of the authors and the art director - or so they say!

Hope to discuss some interesting topics during our travel through unknown lands and to the Kickstarter (*rolls on the Random Hazards Table with a +20 bonus*)

Talk you soon!

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Hey there!

I'm the Darkmaster Tech Disciple, welcome to this forum.
Enter freely and of your own free will!

Hope to read soon your comments and impressions, and some nice tales from your playtest.

Let's rock!


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Hi guys,

I'm Fred, french guy, kind of jack-of-all trades who has been enjoying Roleplaying games for the past 30 years. I ran quite a few games under MERP and Rolemaster, meaning that I'm quite familiar with the inner mecanics of VsDM.

I'm eager to learn some more about the game and will be happy to help as a player, translator or illustrator or whatever will be helpfull for you guys^^

See you soon on the boards !


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Howdy folks > interesting game.

We'll see how it plays out.

Just got wind of this in a thread on I'm very much looking forward to the KS, since I was a big MERP/RM fan back in the day (although deadly combat + lengthy chargen is never a particularly good combo).

May I ask where the physical books will ship from? I'm in the EU and US Kickstarters are almost always too expensive.