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Having fun updating my game world of Kelleemah to VsD

The Centaurs of Talivadia,

The Centaurs of Talivadi had faced orc incursions ever since the last Shedim War, but they had always been in small bands raiding villages along the Centaurs southern border. The Orc Horde took them by surprise and forced them to evacuate their lands south of the river. Dorian and Satyr allies soon arrived to bolster their numbers. But the horde was not led by common Orcs. Large formations of Half-Orcs flanked the battle line. The orc army was dressed in black armor, held black shields bearing a white skull, and was armed with mighty swords. Half-Orcs often led bands of Orcs, but never so well armored and armed, and never is such numbers. The horde marched forth into battle. Eight days passed. They were kept south of the river, but the city walls on the south side of the river did not hold. The southern half of Talivadia was put to the torch and the Centaurs were forced to destroy every bridge that linked the two halves of the city. Some of their kin were stranded on the wrong side of the river. They did not know how much longer they could keep the Orcs from crossing. In desperation, the allies pooled their treasures and sent for the Telchine mercenaries of Ialys, led by the Curete known as Lycus. The allies held for another five long days and nights, and on the morning of the 6th day, the Telchine ships of Ialys were spotted offshore south of the river. The Telchine Gnomes landed behind the horde and nothing could be seen of them. The sounds of the battle lasted all day and all night, but by morning, only the crackling embers of the southern half of Talivadia could be heard. The Telchine ships were gone and the Orcs were either slain or had fled. To this day, we do not know what dark magic the Telchine summoned against the Orcs. But nothing in the south, within 50 leagues of the river will grow and the land is barren and black. The ruins of the southern half of Talivadia still remain, for none have dared crossed over the river to explore what remains. The Half-Orcs of Mavros has never returned.



Athair, Hosta Eldain, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.

Update to the Kelleemah world map,

Added some more to the polar/subpolar region. Added the Ice Wall (giant cliffs of ice that mark the polar region). Added some top down mountain ranges on some of the islands. The texture is hidden for the moment.


The Thamud,

The Thamudis is famous for carving their cities into the sides of the desert mountains. The entrances are highly decorated with the reliefs of their gods and prayers are carved into the stone. Their capital is named Mada'in Hegra and it is here where the river drains out of the city’s entrance in a beautiful cascade and into the valley below. This valley is known as Al-Hijr, the rocky place; for many large stones, some as big as a house, litter this valley. Local legends say that the giants once held tournaments here when the world of Kelleemah was still young. Indeed, some say the original tunnels below the mountains were dug by the giants of old. This valley sits between the western mountain range of the Agriavouna and the smaller offshoot that is known as Athlab. Their cities are of particular interest to the Dwarves and many of their kind have traveled to the distant lands of the Thamud. It is not unusual to see Dwarven Mercenaries here and they have their own enclaves within the Thamudic cities. Local towns and villages are above ground though and are built with adobe or rock.

The Thamud are also known for the slave markets of Hadram, the port of Amalek, and Himyar which is also known as the Divine City. These lands are ruled by Sultan Thaqif.  To the northeast is the ruins of Mahkum that is ruled by the Afreet known as Rabbalnnar and in the mountains, where the Order of Sheireil dwells. Raiders usher from these lands and constantly plague the Thamud.

There are two other powers within the Sultanate. The Dervishes and the Hashashin. The Dervishes are a military order of paladins that follow the path known as the Tariqah. Their order is known for their poverty and austerity. They give up most of their worldly possessions keeping only what is needed to fight evil. Their religious order focuses on love, service, and the absence of ego through the practice of dhikr, rigorous physical exertions. Although separate from the military forces of the Sultan, they are loyal to Thaqif for he is a kind leader. This has not always been so, and they have fought against past Sultans and other nobles that did not uphold what is righteous. They are also known as the protectors of the common people who love them and often invite them into their homes to share in their meals. The Hashashin live in the mountains and wastes within hidden fortresses. They are an order of assassins led by the mysterious “Old man of the mountain.” Some believe that he may serve the Hevel.



Athair, Hosta Eldain, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.

The Lost City of Ubar,

Thamudian legend speaks of the lost city of Ubar that was swallowed up by the sands during the Faith Wars. It was ruled by Shisr a dark sorcerer, known for tyranny and oppression. It is said that the city was buried by the gods when Shisr used his necromantic arts to raise an army of ghouls against them. Some say that the city still exists below the sands of Dudael and is protected by Shisr’s magic. Stories tell of heaps of treasure, date gardens, and a fortress of red stone.



Athair, Hosta Eldain, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.

Updated cartography work, added some top-down mountain ranges in the northwestern regions.


The Minotaurs of Tavros are the allies of Talivadia.  They are a learned race of brownish-red hues that live upon the island and city of Tavros. They are known for their skills at sea. During the Faith Wars, they fought on the side of the Olympians against the Primordial Gods.



Athair, Hosta Eldain, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.

Just doing some concept testing for my world map.


Still playing around with various mountain designs. Here is the current version without mountains.


The Black Minotaurs of the Hiberian Islands,

The Hiberian Minotaurs raid coastal villages and towns throughout the region looking for treasure and slaves. They are also known for their love of mannish flesh. They are ferocious beasts and are veteran sailors. They are also hired as mercenaries for they love battle. During the Faith Wars, they fought on the side of the Primordial Gods.

Updated map with mountains. Still playing around with the design.