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How to sell the game to friends.

When trying to bring up this game to friends of mine who i know love the RM/Merp games of the past. I often get hit with the..

" tell me why I would want to try out this AtDM rather than just playing RM or MERP from which it is built from?"

Since i am still reading the book, I not sure a good way to spin it yet . so I'm asking you guys, what would you say to the players who want to know why this game is better than Rm/Merp. ?


I think the best arguments are:

  • Easiest and faster character creation and character levelling than Rolemaster.
  • Characters doesn't sucks at level 1.
  • Best readability of the character because of that.
  • Easy to adapt Rolemaster and MERP resources in it (spells, monsters, magical items and the like).
  • More in-depth treatment of the character background & motivations than Rolemaster.
  • Rules for travelling!
  • Simplified but still precise rules for combat, and you can plug RM critical charts if needed.
  • Smart usage of the wealth, no more time lost for just compute the silver pieces.

In my mind, it's a better core system than Rolemaster, clear as MERP was (clearer in fact), but expandable because of the similarity with all the other Rolemaster/MERP resources (and they are many of them).

Generally I play Rolemaster 2nd edition in the Forgotten Realms, but now I'm stuck with all the options, useless leather armours, too many skills, characters useless at lvl 1 and too compartmentalised in their professions because of the 8-10 time cost of skills. VsD is a clearer start for building a new core Rolemasterian/MERP game.


I think the best thing here is focusing on the differences, rather than the similarities.

Against the Darkmaster is all about the characters and their story/adventures, while RM/MERP are more traditional in this sense. So, Passions and Heroic Path: your characters' legend grows as they make difficult choices and eperform heroic deeds, and the system support this!
Also, VsD is more geared toward classic fantasy: travel rules emulating epic journeys, background options tailored to create characters like those you'd find in an epic fantasy novel, the Darkmaster casting His shadow over the world and influencing the game itself with His presence...

Plus, the system is more streamlined, and creating a character takes much less! ^_^

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