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Interest check: Play-by-Post right here?

Hey, designers and community. I’m wondering if anyone is interested in playtesting the QS right here in these forums. I’m proposing something very informal. The purpose would be for the designers to see how others interpret and interact with the rules as presented in the QS.

I’ve tried this format many times in the past, always as the GM. Those games never lasted long: they died out because of group dysfunction or inattention. This might reflect my incompetencies as a GM, but I’ve always been complimented on my GMing style. I myself don’t appreciate how the social media aspect of “play-by-post” develops a subconscious demand on my constant attention, so I request that the commitment to this exercise be minimal yet sustainable.

Here’s what I have in mind:

  • No more than 2-4 players.
  • The game would start with character creation at Level 1.
  • I will not be running “Willow Lake”; I GM better with my own stuff.
  • The adventure would be built around the Background Options of characters at character creation.
  • All dice rolls would be dependent on the “honor system”: players roll however they like and report them truthfully (if players prefer, we can use an online dice roller, but I don’t think that’s necessary).
  • We can homebrew the game world (or I could use Pete Fenlon’s expanded continent of Arda—this is the setting for my home game, and I’ll be introducing VsD to my home group in that world at the end of January).
  • Player commitment would be to check the forum at least once a day and post if necessary to the furtherance of the game.

It might be that Discord is a better format for PbP, and I’m open to that, especially with the possibility of voice chat, though I don’t imagine that I ever would be flexible enough to organize a “meet-up time.” Anyway, I’m eager to get crunching on VsD, and I think this format might satisfy this urge in some way.

Great idea!

Following it with interest ^_^

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.


Did anyone take you up on the PbP option?

Rob (interested)

I’m Also interested, looking for a pbp with committed dm and players to see it through, and hopefully be ongoing for years

well, the first post was two years ago, so I assume it never happened