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Magic Armor

Does the +10 for I have for Magic Armor (Exceptional training (Maj)) also apply to the Melee and Ranged Defense score?  Also, does the armor skill reduce (or negate) the  negative perception modifier? To that end, what do you recommend as the rule for travelling? I can tell you, I could walk around in my plate harness if I trained more, but I would not want to walk around in my close helmet any longer than necessary. I would say that the helmet is not equipped unless expecting battle, or in a dungeon ruins (and even then I would say that the character probably has the visor open (so I would rule that if ambushed, the first round it protects only as a metal helm ( thus only incurring the -5), until you use an action (free or half?) to lower the visor.


Nope. armor only negates movement penalties!

As to lowering the helm visor, I'd say a free action is enough.

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