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My setting information

Since there was not really a setting in the playtest, I thought I would toss out the idea that sprang up in my mind as I read thought the rules.

The lands are literally split, north of the town of Auric the lands are harsh and wild.  Those south of Auric are more lush but still a bit wild.  Many scholars have gone to examine the lands north of Auric but usually run out of provisions or help long before they find anything, well anything interesting.  The lands south of Auric are known generally as the lands of the People.  Elves, dwarves, humans, and halflings all live here in relative peace.  Elves and dwarves are not the friendliest of people, to each other.  Humans fight among themselves like it is a national pastime, in some kingdoms it actually is.

The great elven lands are south of Auric but west of most human kingdoms.  The dwarven freeholds litter the underground with great tunnels that connect each freehold to each other.  The halflings live in small towns south of the elven lands and are known for their hospitality.  The humans are spread across the lands like a large patchwork blanket.  The high men that survive in the lands are scattered into larger cities of the humans and keep their activities to themselves unless they need to hire mercenaries to do their work for them.

Human kingdoms of note.  I see about 10 to fifteen kingdoms, these are just some of the major ones.

Redford - northern most kingdom, Auric sits on the northern border and holds many things for the wandering adventurer or mercenary.

Peregrine - The kingdom that borders the Elven lands and holds a great deal of respect for the elven royal family.  Though there are quite a few elves in the kingdom, the elves are still viewed with a great deal of awe.

Sonora - The only kingdom that is ruled by a Queen.  Her title was not given to her by her father, but by a ritual of combat.  Each year she sends the most promising young knights and mages into the lands to gather items to prove themselves as potential heirs.  Those that succeed are given status and respect, those that fail usually do not return to the castle.  The second trial is a trial by combat against their own type, mages vs mages, so on.  The third trail is to be given a piece of land to rule over in the the kingdom.  Their success or failure is noted.  If they succeed at the third trial they fight the others that succeeded.

Red Stone - The lands that the halflings live in is under a human king, though you could not tell it.  These lands hold a great deal of ruins that the king is constantly sending adventurers into to find things.

That's pretty cool, keep us posted if you further develop it!

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Redford is built of many cities and farms.  The capitol is Drane.  King Erik Drane rules with a shrewd eye for profit.  His kingdom has the only city that stands on both sides of the Silver River.  The towers of magery are very well hidden and kept as great secrets.  Many of the people in the nearest towns or even villages know nothing of their existence.  Getting accepted into a tower is something of a challenge, as many of the mages that run these towers are picky or eccentric about who is let in.

Peregrine is built of more small villages and a great deal more pastoral that many of the other nations.  Their king, Eland Peregrine, is known to have elven blood in his heritage but few doubt his ability to lead the nation.  His father and grand-father ruled greatly and wisely, Eland follows in their footsteps.  The capitol is Vondance, while large is keeps its gentle roots and feels like a overly large village.

Sonora is built on the lower edge of the world and has a great deal of fishing and other sea experience.  Raiders and other seafarers that follow the Darkmaster find themselves dead at the hands of the Sonoran armada.  Queen Risana the Fair is getting old and feeling her youth slip away.  She constantly seeks a successor.  Every year another group go forth to seek out treasures for the queen and few make it back.  The nation is prospering in many ways that make people want to try the contest.

Red Stone is pinned up against the great elven lands and the sea.  They have few large sailing ships but usually just fish from the docks.  The King, Jonathan Kirren, is kind and well received by those around him.   While the king investigates the ruins of old both in his kingdom and without, the nation enjoys a peaceful life.

The Eltic Federation a large area in the northern part of the lands is larger than the Elven Kingdoms but are so caught up in fighting among themselves that little is done.  While the kingdom does have a high king, Peter Norman, each city-state has its own king.  The closest thing to a central capitol is Esperand on the sea, the high king does live here and does send out rules that the kings of the city-states can accept or not.

Working on a basic map as I go.