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New Vocation: The Hunter

Here is an attempt at a wilderness based character.


Hunters can represent hunters, trappers, infiltrators, scouts, archers, pathfinders and other outdoor types. They are adept at adventuring skills , archery, perception and stealth, and combined with the Strider Background option, can become true masters of the wild.

Armour 1

Combat 4

Ranged +25

2nd Choice +10

Adventuring 5

Athletics +20

Ride +20

Hunting +20

Nature +20

Wandering +20

Roguery 3


Stealth +10

Locks & Traps +5

Perception +15

Lore 0





Songs & Tales

Spells 0

Spell Lores

Body 2

Body +10

MP per Level 0

Hi Justin. This is pretty much like the Strider Vocation we removed from the game some time ago!
In fact, you can play a similar character by using the Rogue and Warrior Vocations and adding the Strider Background to them.
Have you already read about our decision to remove the Strider as a Vocation? What do you think?

For no one in this world you can trust, my son. Not man, not woman, not beast. But STEEL... this, you can trust!

Yes I can see that working. Perhaps there is a case for a more interesting outdoor character than a ranger type. Such as a Beastmaster or Beserker?  Since none of the current vocations specialize in Adventuring skills, I think there is still a place for this in the game. But perhaps there needs somehing more unique. I admit that a Ranger type is really just someone good at hunting, and outdoor skills, so the Strider backgroud does address that gap.