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OGL or not ?



I was wondering,

Is the ruleset going to be an Open Game License ? That would be a nice added value, I believe ^^

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We really want to release the game under some sort of open license, but we're still evaluating the various possible options.

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Good to know,

I'd love to see the ruleset used by third parties companies

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So do we!

We'd really like to see the Open00 system become an easy way, for anyone who wants to, to produce and publish their own d100 based adventures, rules hacks and settings.

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Until then, I can assure I'll use it for my own games, both from commercial games or personal world setting. ^^

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I'd like to create expansions .... like "VsDM combat expansion" (with new non magic user classes, fighting styles) or "VsDM magic expansion" (with new magic user classes, new spells ecc) .

It looks like a game easily expandable.

Maybe some micro settings also!

Hi Giovanni,

thank you for being so interested in our game, we will definitely love to see all the awesome fan made stuff!

However, just to clarify, the OGL that we are discussing on releasing sometime in the future, is called Open00 (OpenHundred), VsD will be eventually covered by license.

But yes, you will be more than welcome to create everything you want under the OGL Open00.


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Ok thanks for the clarifications.....VsDM will be a game under license obviously but there will be the possibility to create and publish fan-made stuff. Great! Can't wait to see the complete game!

Sure, we'd love to see fan-created content for the system and, in fact, we'd like to encourage such creations.

As Nik said, we're currently evaluating the various options because, in the future, we'd like to release the Open00 as an open system to allow everyone to use it to publish their creations even indipendentely.

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Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

With such a versatile rule system, no doubt we'll see some personal work !

As a matter of fact, the coming of VsDM kicked me hard and got me back in a home setting project that fits perfectly the spirit of the game. I'll share it with you, when it'll be the time. For now, there's still work to do ^^

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