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Open License Questions


First of all I would like to thank the whole team for bringing us such a nice game.

I have some questions about the open license you are using.

1) Recently I found out that several non-English speaking publishers are planning to release translations of "Against The Darkmaster". I guess there is an official agreement for the translation and exploitation of the game.

Does this agreement prevent other authors from publishing games using the open license or material for "Against The Darkmaster" using a translation they made themselves? Is there an exclusivity clause for the language concerned?

2) Could you give some insight as to why you chose to use the current license rather than the OGL or the "Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)" license for example?

3) What about the "stability" of the license?

If, for example, the intellectual property of "Against The Darkmaster" is sold to a third party who decides to revoke the open license, what would happen to the other games or additional material based on the system? What would prevent you from revoking the open license yourself?

Thanks again,

Hi Riorgan, welcome to the forums and great questions!

First of all, a subtle but important distinction: the Third Party License allows people to create "Powered by Open00" material, but not "Against the Darkmaster" material. In other words, you can create and distribute material based on the Against the Darkmaster rules, but you cannot claim it's an Against the Darkmaster official product.
We're working on a different license that will allow creators to publish their own semi-official Against the Darkmaster creations.

That said:

  1. Yes, all Against the Darkmaster localizations are licensed by Open Ended Games. If you're a publisher, and would like to translate and distribute Against the Darkmaster in your language, please contact us and we'll work out an agreement.
    OTOH, there's no exclusivity on language in the Third Party license. You can't translate or reproduce the text of the game without our permission, but you can produce Open00 material in your language.
  2. It's simply a matter of what we wanted for our open licence: OGL is linked to the d20 system and wouldn't have worked well for us and creative commons wasn't flexible enough.
  3. Since the Third Party License isn't tied directly to Against the Darkmaster, it won't really matter who's the proprietor of the Against the Darkmaster IP, you'd always be able to produce Powered by Open00 material.
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Thank you very much for all these answers.