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Playtest: Additional Spell Lores

Hi everyone,

we're uploading 4 additional Spell Lores (which basically means, 40 more spells!) for you to download and test in your games!

We've tried to select Spell Lores covering different aspects of the game, to let you try out different strategies and character concepts:

  • Aspects of Nature: Blending into the natural environment, taking the form of beasts and plants, and invoking the blessings of various spirits of nature.
  • Earth Mould: Manipulating elemental Earth and Stone to attack with boulders and rockslides, crack open the very earth and stone, and shockwave the ground with powerful earthquakes.
  • Eldritch Might: Channeling the power of magic to overcome the limits of the body, shielding it from harmful influences and allowing it to perform incredible tasks.
  • Sounds & Lights: Creating beacon in the night and darkness where there’s light; sounding clatter where there’s hush and dropping silence where there’s clamor. Speaking unknown tongues.

We hope you enjoy them, and would love to hear your opinion (on these Spells or on the magic system in general) or tales of the feats your characters managed to accomplish in your games!

You can download the Spell Lores right HERE.


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