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Just a question about your pricing. The main rulebook is priced well and it is a great deal.

The two new titles are odd. The Silence of Dawnfell is $8.99 and it is only 32 pages. Shadows of the Northern Woods is $4.99 and it is 50 pages. They are the opposite of what they should be. Based on my thesis research for game design back in May of 2020; 32 pages for a black and white PDF would be around $6.99. For 50 pages, a black & white PDF would be around $9.99.

The research shows that the 32 page book at $6.99 minus the 30% that DriveThruRPG gets, gives you $4.89 profit and it breaks down for the customer at around 22 cents per page. The 50 page book at $9.99 gives you $6.99 profit and it breaks down for the customer at around 20 cents per page. The larger books are more expensive, but the value for the customer goes up.

Just an observation, love your stuff!  🙂


Hi Charles!

Keep in mind that Shadows is also included in the Core Rules, so we kept the price a bit lower because of that!

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