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First of all, as someone who loved MERP back in the day, I'm really interested in this. The artwork and layout are superb. But from a quick read of the adventure I think you could definitely benefit from a proper native English-speaking proofreader/editor.

For example...

"the lake of Willow Lake was not in fact a lake, but a foothill dale..." is clunky and would be better as "Willow Lake was originally a dale in the foothills of..."

"hence comes its name" should be "hence its name"

"there are in fact quite no willows" should be "there are, in fact, no willows"

And that is just the first paragraph. The poor grammar and incorrect use of words continues throughout the adventure. It is obvious that this is written by someone to whom English is a second offense intended. The adventure itself is great but it would be a shame for such a great project to be spoilt by a lack of proofreading and editing. So will be employing a good native-speaking proofreader for the game itself?


Hi Gordon, and welcome to the forums!

No offense taken, constructive criticism is always welcome here. And don't worry, we will be having the rules proofed and edited by a professional native-speaker editor. Part of the money we'll rise from the Kickstarter will be used just for that, it's already been taken into account.

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That is excellent news. You can definitely count me in for the Kickstarter then because in every other regard Against the Darkmaster is superb!