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Quest against the Darkmaster (PbP)

Yeah, the flavor text for a 79 Cut Critical is “Slice through side,” but I think this one should be “Fangs seize into the lower calf.”

Let’s go with how everything here has played out, with Olwen’s DEF at 10. As I think back—and I could look back, if I weren’t so lazy—I might have had his DEF at 5, but, in this matter, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Round 2 Declaration: Snake retreats back into the brush.

You still want to follow through with your description of riding single file through the “snake zone?” You leaving Olwen as he is?

[OCC, does Olwen make his Fort poison save or not?  I confirmed in Discord that any adder hit has the level 3 poison challenge, which is a 65 Difficulty.  Also yes the wound would likely not be higher than his calf, they do say to reinterpret the flavour text of crits to fit creature situation.]

Yes, Leofred says all ride through - in a file as he says, Gwenhild will try to pull Olwen up across her saddle in front of her, and Gyantwaka to swing up onto a pony.  They will intersect with Olwen as he flees.

If horse Fortitude saves become an issue they are all riding horses/rouncery - the type the sample character in rules has though the sample layout doesn't give its saves, then the two ponies.  I've been reviewing my own work on adapting MERP animals and realized I didn't factor that MERP gave lighter horses better defense bonuses.

[I'm going to keep Olwen's poisoning status pretty close to my chest, for the time being. Hee hee.]

Gwenhild will try to pull Olwen up across her saddle in front of her

Gwenhild make Athletics roll Hard (-20). The difficulty is based on Olwen not being able to help or respond to any significant degree.

Gyantwaka to swing up onto a pony

Gyantwaka easily does this.

Gwenhild curses at Olwen as she struggles to pull him across her saddle (outcome TBD - she would be satisfied dragging him alongside her horse which could expose him to further harm if there are lurking snakes).

  • d100 = 62 + Athletics 45 (her armour skill negates the armour penalties) -20 Hard for outcome of 87 - partial success/success with cost-penalty.

Olwen emits a strangled cry, twisting wrong and taking +5 Hits, as Gwenhild wrenches him across the saddle.

But after that, the fellowship rides beyond the general area that Gyantwaka had determined provided the most danger from the uncanny number of adders.

Once they are beyond that area, further than a bowshot they will pull up and take stock.

Gyantwaka will examine Olwen to see how badly hurt he is, prepared to try to tend to scrapes (Healing skill) and checking for sign of viper venom, Loefred will examine the horses and ponies to ensure they have suffered no harm, Gwenhild will keep watch for any new threat.  Ambrosius likely is concerned about his ' apprentice'

  • GM's call re Ambrosius.
  • I believe tending injuries and treating poison are two different checks, if there is poison at work Gyantwaka would make that the priority, each injury is also its own check I believe.  Hit point loss is addressed by time not by the healing skill I believe.


All appears to be in order except Olwen. Ambrosius assists Gyantwaka [Exceptional Success]. Gyantwaka gets +20 on his Standard Healing roll.

And, so I don’t forget, Gyantwaka +1 XP for the adventure of the adders.

[OCC, I assume this is to treat Light Bleeding, the most immediate issue]

[OCC, Is Olwen unconscious, if not a Weary condition should reveal if he is poisoned - it doesn't seem he should be unconscious from hit point loss (he did get one night's rest after the big scenes in Andorast so should have recovered hp = 8/10ths of his total from his injuries previously, just having the injury penalty from stomach critical [Serious], and now that snake strike [Minor].]

Olwen's Healing skill is successfully applied but to treat bleeding he needs a Healer's Kit (bandages), he would ask if Ambrosius has a Healer's Kit with bandages as Gyantwaka does not (not starting kit and beyond his Wealth Fare, he will fall back on preserved clotting herbs, Blueheart Root, which he does have and can replace bandages).

  • d100 = 60 + Skill 45 + aid of Ambrosius 20 (moot unless difficulty was worse than standard) = 125.  The rules seem to want "Healer's Kit" bandages not just "ripped up cloth" bandages.
Good clarification. Actually, I imagined the roll to ascertain if Olwen had been poisoned or not, but Bleeding definitely is the more pressing concern.
The rules seem to want "Healer's Kit" bandages not just "ripped up cloth" bandages.
Yeah, in my regular game, this is driving me crazy. One bandage for one source of Bleed. Seems to make sense: neat, simulationist resource management. But wait! How many Bandages do I have? Fare of 1 (really? whereas Ammunition is 0?), I have WL of 2, I get say… 100? Well, that’s a bit much. How about twenty? Even then, you’re carrying 20 bandages? Well, I don’t know how much that would weigh, but, who cares, my horse carries 100 bandages.
 I know that it isn’t supposed to be “this kind of game,” but it’s still a game, and this kind of resource abstraction, coupled with very specific damage granulation, is quite a fault. I think a better abstract resource system would be something simply titled Resources, based on WL and a relevant skill: You have to bind two separate points of Bleeding, check off two Resources. That sort of thing.
Anyway, Olwen’s wounds are bound, he is conscious. He looks clammy and afraid, wide eyed.


[I'm quite willing to use up the clotting herb (1 use) Gyantwaka has re bleeding wound - the reason he went looking for it was the whole "I don't have a healing kit" aspect]

[OCC, I don't think it requires a roll to determine if someone is poisoned, that would up the danger of poisoning considerably etc.]

[OOC cont'd, I believe the 'bandages'** concept comes from a resource-management thing and is poorly worded, really they mean more than just Bandages from the Healer's kit to treat bleeding.  The fact one bandage is Fare 1 which is the same cost as hiring a healer/herbalist is a bit odd, also since so many PC's are likely Wealth 1 and so a Fare 1 item is difficult for them to get it's all a bit odd, I would be inclined to make 1 bandage Fare 0 - a bandage and an arrow seem about equal value but maybe these are 'bandages coated with clotting herb preparation'.]

[OCC generally I would make it more "Healer's Kit, treat bleeding on success always, but on partial success check off a mark, after 3 marks kit needs replacing" and don't fuss so much about 'what exactly, bandage, need and thread or what'.  Offstage we understand you tend to your kit, boil cloth strips and wrap them carefully for use in future etc. but we don't spend our precious table time fussing it.  I would might let someone with Healer Skill make some rolls to assemble a Healer's Kit perhaps the way someone with Nature can find herbs.]

** Don't know if you've seen Treasure of Sierra Madre but now I have "Bandages, we don't need no stinking bandages!" in my head.