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Quest against the Darkmaster (PbP)

[I’ve been going through the log and taking notes. I see I made a worldbuilding error. I had been thinking of Southwatch as a human city. Rather, it’s a small garrison or fort with no other function than to protect the road. So this means that the Elf was slain while on his way to a city beyond Southwatch. His errand was to summon someone of import to the Council. I can make this up soon.

[I’m also devising a map I can soon share. I have Willow Shallow to place on it. Also Grey Mine in the Starry Mountains. I think I’m missing the Leshak homelands. Want to summarize again what I’m overlooking?]

[OOC - Understood and the idea the messenger was going elsewhere was what I was thinking till reading the text saying he was heading to Southwatch, which yes I see as a small keep maintained by Leofred's order both as a training hold, headquarters and also safe point for travelers - an elaborate fortified inn/garrison.

I see Gyantwaka's tribe of Leshak as being in a woodland area of many lakes (like the Canadian Shield/Algonquin Park - they hunt caribou in that area, likely hilly and not a good candidate to clear for farmland, lots of valleys etc., could also be home to various Hill and Weald culture groups - perhaps highland areas verging on the Starry Mountains, with the lowland area going into the marshes Gyantwaka mentioned.  The Barrows would be in lowlands the Leshak don't abide in, old lands they moved away from.  The Leshak might trade with others, dwarfs or Men, meat and skins for some (non-iron) manufactured goods.

Leofred's theory would still be similar, there is something to be learned and maybe the bandits cutting off travel are also trying to hinder learning it.]

This is a draft that became good enough, so it’s rough. As you can see, plenty of blank space, and more pages may need to get added.

Andorast, I figure, is the name of the large City of Men whence the Elf courier was headed. I also image that Southwatch once was a bastion of the Elves in Elvendale, one that was given to the Men of Andorast when the Elves decided to contract their presence into the Dale.

”Andorast” seems familiar to me, but nothing came up on Google.

Accords with Gyantwaka and Leofred's memories.

[ooc "Andor" occurs in both Middle Earth and the Star Wars universe.]

[You still with us, Carl?]

At the new, more discrete council, Mab says, “I propose this: the enemy probably guessed that we were summoning the Sage Ambrosius to our Council. We would have benefited from his wisdom, and we may yet. I believe that it is necessary to complete the mission that was entrusted to Aegras’s son. There may be spies in our midst, as unlikely as that seems and as little as I like to consider it, which is why I mention this to this select group alone. Moreover, I recommend that a small party be composed, secretly, out of the few who are in this room.

”A delegation should be sent by secret trails to Ambrosius in Andorast, not for our aid alone now but, because of what we know now, his life most likely is endangered; his enemies probably fear to strike at him within the protection of Andorast. I leave it to those who accept this quest to decide, upon reaching Ambrosius, if the way is safe enough to bring him back to our company. At the very least, he shall be consulted concerning the late events and, ideally, his wisdom returned to us.

”Are the few gathered here agreed in this course?”

Gyantwaka nods and offers he has some small skill at passing through nature (his Nature is +55 and Wandering +40)

Leofred speaks,

"If the messenger was intercepted for this reason, may I suggest it best the effort be undertaken by a party not including any elf-folk to avoid suspicion, but bearing a message and sign it is from this court"

Leofred gets a Drive Point for such a genius rationale for omitting NPCs from the current party. A diminished group size should provide no small amount of danger.

Also, I’ve heard from Carl, and the players in this game are now reduced to 1. I’m going to edit/revise the first post in this thread to make it clear that the game always is open to new players. We can proceed or pause however you think is best, Rob. All in good keeping of a casual and non-committal game.

Thanks Gabe, sorry to see Carl go but understand if there are pressures.

I'm okay to proceed but also understand if your "GM fun" required more of an audience/input etc.

I can also reach out to a couple of people to see if they would be interested.


I’m totally fine with continuing. My GM fun is lessened only by the diminishment of player interaction and collaboration.

I’m thinking that we need 2-4 interesting or challenging terrains or features to navigate between Elvendale and Andorast. It seems to me that Leofred would be acquainted with at least a few of these.

Does Leofred want to share his knowledge as the forming Fellowship charts their intended course?