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Reporting Typos

Please use this thread to report any typo or error you find in the Quickstart, Adventure or Character Sheets.

We will update it to keep track of the typos that have already been spotted and/or corrected.


Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

"notes" column, Page 97

Error: … the weay condition…

-> the weary condition


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Great, thanks!

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Page 79: Comprehend Languages, Sense Darkness and Sense Invisibility.

The warping options of these three spells are exchanged.

Hi Rodrigo, welcome to the boards and thank you! We'll correct it in the new version.

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Thanks for the welcome!

I'll put these here just in case they are useful for the soon to be available next version. Crush the typos!

- QS, backcover: "Goodkind" is not propely hyphenated (I hate when typos slip into our backcovers! Grrr.)

- QS, page 93: Is the range "Hand" of the Handaxe a typo? Maybe I'm wrong, but I picture this weapon as long as a Light Mace.

- QS, page 93: Shouldn't the Battle Axe be "1H/2H".

- Adventure, page 8: The sawmill is not indicated in the map. I assume is the small building near the river, but just to nitpick. 😉

- Adventure, page 9: This is actually a suggestion. Put in bold face the main topic of every rumor that Niall knows.

- Adventure, page 9: The first Niall rumor. The sentence that begins with "He has a pair of..." ends abruptly.

- Adventure, page 14: "Eamon lived in a simple house near the eastern..." should be "Eamon lived in a simple house near the western..." per the map.

- Adventure, pages 16-18: Locations don't match the names in the map. For instance "Fallen Gate" is "Dwarven Ruins". The real locations can be easily inferred, but I think it'll be better to have exactly the same name, specially since they're listed alphabetically.

- Adventure, page 22: This is actually a question. Can the wolf scape the pit through the passage to the main room? If so, how can Morcant keep her caged?

- Adventure, pages 20-22: Again, locations don't match the names in the map.

- Adventure, page 26: Ivarr, Harald and Rolf. You suggest giving the bandits short bows if there're 5+characters, but they already have those.

- Adventure, page 27: The last three monsters of the table are repeated.

Thank you again, awesome work!

We're currently revising the adventure, too (we'll upload the revised version sometime after the QS lands) so this is gold.

Regarding the wolf: no, she cannot escape through that passage, it's too steep for her to climb out.

Note that normally only Harald would have a shortbow, but you can give all of them a bow if you have 5 or more players!


Page 29 shows 4 vocations, but page 30 adds Dabbler and Champion in the table. This looks like a big whoops, we forgot moment.

I'm making a character so my replies here might be slow, but as soon as I catch something I'll post it.

Page 31 under Lore on the table there's no Culture which is mentioned with a description on page 33.

Page 32 - Athletics isn't all caps, and there's no break before it.