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With regards to a revelation you can choose to improve an item your carrying by selecting one of the following:

• Increase the modifier the item grants to a single Skill by +10 (up to a maximum of +30), or allow the item to grant a +10 modifier to a single appropriate Skill of their choosing;

The way I understand this you can choose for example, a Weapon CMB, Armour DEF or Move penalty, lock picks or boots for stalking which can provide a bonus up to a max of +30 (after multiple revelation) or a +10 bonus item that applies to a broad skill like wandering etc. For example maps/compass

Is that correct?



RAW, you cannot use a Revelation to have an item grant a bonus to DEF, but only to a single Skill, such as the Armor Skill (which would in turn reduce the Move penalties).

Everything else is correct!

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