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Riding/Companion Animals Stat Table?


I am a newbie GM experimenting for the first time with the d100 system. Recently I have accurately read the manual and helped my players building their PC. Come to the Riding/Companion animals part of the Character Sheet, I had issues finding a table in the book with the values. In what page can I find it?


Thank you in advance for your assistance ;)!

Those are mainly for animals that will be able to help your character in a fight, like warhorses or hunting dogs, you can find those in the bestiary!

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I put together an attempt at some benchmarks for the Mounts & Animals in Equipment.

Cool, though is it intentional that the Rouncery has lower HP, Def, CMB than the one with some stats given in the Core Rules as sample PC Athestane's mount?

Sort of. I didn’t realize I had that as a target. I did know I had a Destrier as a target, in the Wild Beasts in the Bestiary. But, as I used the Quick NPC Stats as a guide, I found my own Destrier as slightly weaker, though almost comparable.

I’ll definitely compare to Athelstane’s mount!

I tried to flesh out the mount and add the Fare etc and then also flesh out Destrier, and add Palfrey, using MERP horses as a guideline, this is around page 41 of the Keltia pdf in that thread.  Now all my experience with RM/MERP lies more than 20 years in the past so I'll defer to anyone with more such.