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roll20 character sheet ?


I saw in one actual play that a specific roll20 character sheet was being used. It however does not appear yet in the standard ones offered on roll20.

Any idea if it will soon ? I'd like to start an online play, but I don't have the skills to develop / automatize a character sheet.

Many thanks !


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John Polack

Hi Thomas, welcome to the forums!

Yes, the sheet was developed by one of Matt's players (Wes) for that stream. It will be made publicly available in the future, but we don't really know exactly when yet.

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John Polackthomas poisson
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Has there been any movement on this Roll20 character sheet? I would like to start running some games?


Also thanks as a OLD MERP / HARN fan I am glad to see this and it brings me joy! Just backed for the CRB / GM Screen...

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Hi John, and welcome!

Still no ETA for the Roll20 sheet, sorry, but we have this fillable PDF sheet shared by another user on our Discord Channel:

Also, Tom is working on an automated gsheet, we've been using it for our Roll20 games and it's really handy. Need to fix a couple of things, then we'll share it with you, people!

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Up for a Roll20 sheet!

I'm able to help/test (I've a pro account on Roll20) so if you have the HTML/CSS code and willing to share it unfinished/unpolished, I think I can help! (and it will be usefull for playing with my friends obviously)

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Alex Perez

I too would be interested in a Roll20 sheet.  Interested in joining a game and eventually running one.  Dusting off a setting I created for Rolemaster long ago and thinking about how to "darkmaster it".