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Spell Lores Vocational Bonus

OK, next question. A Champion has a +5 vocational bonus in Spell Lores.

Do I pick one spell lore in which he has a rank and apply it to that one, or to all spell lores in which he has ranks?

Let's say I have 1 rank in Healing (from Noble culture), 1 in Aspects of Nature, and 2 in Eldritch Might (both from the Champion vocation). Apply +5 to all three, or just to, for example, Healing?

The character gets a +5 bonus (not an extra rank, is just a fixed +5 bonus, which is slightly different) to all known Spell Lores. So, in your example, the character would get a +5 bonus to all three Spell Lores.

You can find more on Vocational Bonuses on page 72of the Core Rules!

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