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Stat used for Acrobatics and Stealth

Hello, loving the PDF so far.

As I was going through and making a test character to learn the system, I noticed a discrepancy between the character sheet and the rules in the book, and was hoping for some clarification. On both the new and old versions of the Character Sheet the stat tied to Acrobatics and Stealth is Brawn, however on Table1.18 on page 71, under the Roguery section the stat listed for both of these skills is instead Swiftness. I'm using the current version of the rules, so I don't know if this is a mechanical change to the skills that hasn't been updated in the Core Rules or if the character sheets list the incorrect Stat. It's just a minor nitpick really, I was just curious as to whether the skill used Swiftness or Brawn. Have a great day, loving the book.

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The character sheet in the download section is outdated, please disregard it. We're currently in the process of updating the website, the new sheet should be up in a couple of days.  is up now!

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Thank you so much! While I'm here, one other thing I was curious about was spending DP. This might be entirely on my end as I'm misreading the rules. Anyways, the Development Points rules on page 62 states that only two skill ranks may be purchased at each new level despite the fact that each class obtains far more DP in certain skill categories than two. Can one only allocate a maximum of two ranks in a particular skill at each level or two skill ranks period? I.E could a warrior put two ranks into Blunt, two ranks into Brawl, and one into Polearms; or would they just be able to put two ranks in Blunt?

You can only buy two rank per level for a specific skill, not on a category.

For example, a warrior cannot buy more than 2 ranks per level in Blades, but he can buy 2 ranks in Blades, 1 in Ranged and 2 other in Polearms.

It's just a rank per skill per level limitation on spending DP. 🙂

That's correct, the limit is just 2 ranks per skill, you can use the remaining point to buy other skills in the same category (or move them to another category on a 2:1 basis).

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Thank you both for the rules clarification, I read on and the rules became very clear so that one's on me. I'm loving the system so far, especially the spellcasting rules.