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The Elvin Language

I am working on some stuff for my world conversion to VsD. Do you have an actual working list of Elvish? I am wondering since I would like to keep place names and personal names in line with what is printed in the rulebook.


Hello Charles.
We do not actually have an Elvish dictionary or working list. However, creating names of peoples and places for VsD's standard "implied setting" embedded in the Core Rules and Shadows of the Northern Woods campaign , we kept an eye at real-world languages.
Wood Elves have Irish or Scottish names. Woad people and places of the Northern Woods tend to have Welsh-sounding names. Northmen have mainly Anglo-Saxon names, while Dwarves have Norse names.
Finally, Silver and Star Elves tend to have more "classic Elven" sounding names, similar to Sindarin and Quenya from The Lord of the Rings.
Hope it helps!

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Yes, this helps tremendously!  🙂

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