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The Fellowship of Five (A Playtest)


Got my tabletop game going last Monday. Four players.

K’tar, Fey Dusk Elf Wizard: Seeking his mentor “Strongbow” who vanished in opposition to the Darkmaster

Elham, Desert Man Rogue: Seeking his abducted sister Mutabara.

Khanji, City Man Animist: Hoping to “return sentience” to all stone, or at least make a golem.

Norwin, Deep Dwarf Warrior: Seeking to reclaim his ancestral mountain home from Minions of the Darkmaster, beneath which is a mythical metal Angril (iron radiance).

I built a custom Spell Lore for my weird Animist. Perhaps you folks have something already like it?

The Wizard slew a Level 5 NPC Rogue with one arrow shot. Strike through brain. Dead. Yay for PCs!

The Wizard’s player said, “It can be any one of us.”

It has me thinking of maybe 5 “Doom” points, character shields. Avoid a death, scratch off one until they’re gone. When all gone, it’s time to die epically as I suggest in the RM blog. I’m thinking there should be a way to get points back, but not sure how to keep this differentiated from the Drive mechanic. Maybe something will come during play this year.

Wizard's player is wise!

Remember that Drive can be spent to reroll a suffered Critical, lowering the gravity by one level for each Drive spent. In our experience that's usually enough to avoid death, unless a player is really careless. Even spending just one point significantly lowers the chances of death (or, at least, turns an instant death into a Dying in x rounds condition, which is usually dealable with), but I've seen players spending another point after the first to lower the Crit again in desperate situations.

Master of Stone is cool, similar to Earth Mould, which is gonna be in the Full Rules, but different enough to be its own thing. The golem at the end is a very nice touch! Here's Earth Mould as a comparison:

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.