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TOME of Table Devouring

Hello, I love the game. But if I had to nitpick I would say the Book is TOO DAMN BIG! it takes up too much space and is very bulky to pass around the table. I have  broken the big book down in smaller coil bound books and made a box similar to the old RPG game boxes of the 80's. and I must say it is a much better tool than the big tome. (I love the book don't get me wrong) SO I highly suggest that your next endeavor for VSDM is to develop a softcover players guide that only has rules for players. So that at the table they don't need to powerlift the 100 ton Tome to find the spell description they are looking for.


That's something that came up also on the discord server, and we're seriously considering it. Gonna have to figure out a few things (keeping the spell lores means the book will still end up being pretty big, but without them its usefulness is going to be limited), but it's definitely on the pipeline.

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