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Wealth system...

Ok so am I the only one really not loving the wealth system?

Ok some context: I was first introduced to the idea of wealth ratings in WEG's D6 Fantasy/Space/Adventure more than a decade ago. It was a rolled attribute so when you wanted to buy something, you rolled for it. Big ticket items had high ratings but there was the wild die so no matter how poor your character was, you had a shot. A similar system was presented in the d20 Modern rpg. In both systems if your rolled way over what you needed, your wealth rating was untouched. Roll too close or and you got the good but took a temporary loss to the rating. I didn't care for it then and don't care for it now.

The current implementation, presented in the Quickstart book, leaves me cold. The reason being with only 6 numbers (0-5) wealth is largely meaningless. Say you expend the background options and you start the game with wealth 4 (due to kin and background choices). The chances of stumbling across level 4 or 5 wealth are very low, and if you do, how is it divided up and yet remain meaningful? For characters with WL 0-3 it'll be life changing. If you somehow manage to get the loot to yourself, you're now at WL 5, and that's the cap so there's nowhere to go and everything and anything is within your price range.

Another nagging detail: how do you handle one wealthy PC equipping and outfitting the rest of the party? It becomes a mess real quickly.

It's awkward and renders monetary rewards largely pointless. I know you were attempting to get away from copper piece counting but in a fantasy roleplaying game that's one of the tropes. Even before our first game session I decided to dump the WL system in favor of actual coins and wealth. This meant I had to rewrite the Background Options but no biggie.

Hopefully there's an option in the full version of the rules for a typical money/treasure system that'll be familiar to players and gamemasters.

Wealth is purposedly the least interesting reward in the system, and that's because the PCs are supposed to be heroes, not treasure hunters.

Conquering a specific treasure could be their goal, but then it would be linked to their Passions and would allow them to gain Drive Points during the adventure.

Maximum WL a character can start with is 4, and you need to spend bckg options to get there. Which means that being rich is an important element of the character you want to play, and that the GM should keep in mind that.

Sure, you can only get more rich by plundering something like a dragon hoard, but probably gaining wealth isn't what drive you to adventure at this point.

And sure, you can probably buy low quality mundane equipment for all your companions. What would be the point of being rich, otherwise? The fact is, equipment isn't going to make you heroes, your actions and Passions are 😉

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Hey, Joseph! You are not alone! My group, during the playtest, was utterly flummoxed by the Wealth system. When I get the full rules—and if I run this again—I’m probably just going to use the MERP Equipment Tables.

I understand what this game purports to do (as Topramesk says above); that’s why I’m eager for the full rules. The PCs are supposed to be HEROES, sure, but I don’t find enough in the QuickStart that ties the heroes into a direct confrontation with the Darkmaster and makes that the FOCUS of the game. Once we get the full rules, I think we can find ways to manipulate the action of our games.