The Open00 System has been written with the fantastic community of TTRPG content creators in mind. Since the beginning we wanted you to be able to create and publish your adventures, rules expansions, and other content freely.

The awesome people of Mörk Borg came to our rescue, kindly letting us use their third party license ( as a reference to write our own. And thus, the Powered by Open00 license was born.


The following license allows anyone to create content for the Open00 System without having to ask for our permission.

You can distribute your creations for free or sell them. It’s totally up to you and you won’t owe us anything. There are just a few rules to be followed:


  1. If you adhere to these terms you are allowed to publish free or commercial material based upon and/or declaring compatibility with the Open00 System without express permission from Open Ended Games, Inc.
  2. Art and text from our books may not be reused or translated unless you have our explicit permission.
  3. The mechanics and game rules of Against the Darkmaster may be reused and referenced freely. You can also use the names of creatures, locations, and entities of the game world.


  1. Your product cannot use the Open Ended Games or the Against the Darkmaster logo unless you have our explicit permission.
  1. You are allowed and encouraged (but not required) to use the Powered by Open00 compatibility logo.
  1. You’re not allowed to give the impression that this is an official Against the Darkmaster or Open00 product or that we endorse or sponsor you in any way unless we’ve made special arrangements with you.


  1. Open Ended Games, Inc takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product.
  2. Any legal disputes, controversies, or claims related to this license shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the US Code and/or the State of New York and be settled by a New York and/or Federal court.
  3. The following text must be included in the legal text, somewhere visible in the publication, and on the website or storefront where you promote the product:

[Product name] is an independent production by [Author or Publisher] and is not affiliated with Open Ended Games, Inc. It is published under the Powered by Open00 Third Party License.

  1. This copyright text must be legibly included somewhere in the product and on the storefront:

Powered by Open00 is a Open Ended Games, Inc copyright.

TTRPGs are for anyone: sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic tropes and themes have no place in our hobby. Please make sure to avoid them when creating your content. 

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