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Join the fight Against the Darkmaster with this 563 pages long, 8.5″x11″ hardcover tome of arcane knowledge, including all both the GM and the players need to play, plus the three-parts campaign module Shadows of the Northern Woods.
A complete rule system, including:

  • Unified d100-based action resolution mechanic
  • Huge variety of character customization options
  • Detailed travel mechanics for long overland adventures
  • Flexible magic system with over 300 spells
  • Tactical combat and brutal Critical Strikes
  • Immersive rules for character driven adventures
  • A Bestiary with over 60 fearsome creatures
  • A full introductory campaign in three parts

Grab your dice and get ready to join the fight Against the Darkmaster!


  • Against the Darkmaster Core Rules Hardback edition
  • Against the Darkmaster Core Rules Digital edition
  • Shadows of the Northern Woods PDF
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