Download Quickstart rules, Character Sheets, Adventures and other VsD free stuff!

Quickstart Rules

Fully playable Against the Darkmaster Quickstart Game Rules:

  • Character Creation Rules including 4 Character Vocations, 6 Cultures, and 6 Kins.
  • Adventuring Rules including Combat, Travel, Wounds, Action Resolution.
  • Magic Rules including Animist, Wizard and Elven Grimoires with tens of Spell Lores and hundreds different spells.
  • Appendix with Game Tables including 7 Attack Tables for different weapon types and spells and Critical Strikes Tables for Cut, Pierce, Impact, Fire.
  • Fully indexed digital PDF file printable in B/W printer-friendly format.

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Ready to Play Characters

Six ready-to-play pre-generated characters to be used with the free introductory scenario The Beast of Willow Lake or any other VsD adventure!

  • Maedoc the Cunning, Dwarven Rogue
  • Mornien the Fair, Woman Wizard
  • Athelstane the Black, High-Man Warrior
  • Gandrell “Windblade”, Dusk Elf Warrior
  • Tobold the Ferret, Halfling Rogue
  • Deirdre, Woman Animist.

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The Beast of Willow Lake

The Beast of Willow Lake, an introductory adventure for 4 to 6 Characters that also serves as an introduction to the upcoming Shadows of the Northern Woods Campaign Module, to be released with the full game rules.

Character Sheets

Create your own Against the Darkmaster playing Characters! Download the archive containing the following:

  • Two-sided printable Character Sheet in DIN A4 or US Letter format.

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