Secrets of the Golden Throne is the major supplement for Against the Darkmaster, containing new rules and options for both the players and the GM, but it’s also a mini-setting, and an epic campaign that will pitch your heroes against the machinations of an entity older than the world itself.

Inside Secrets of the Golden Throne you’ll find:

  • Five new Kins: Ethereal Pixies, unseen Gnomes, enigmatic Changelings, beguiling Asrai and voracious Ogres.
  • New Cultures and Backgrounds to expand your character options.
  • New magic options and 30 new Spells.
  • New combat and rules options to help you run underwater and aerial adventures.
  • A Bestiary containing a host of new monstrous adversaries.
  • The island of Awallon, an original setting inspired by fairy tales and Arthurian legends which can be used on its own, or easily dropped into an existing campaign setting.
  • Guidelines to help you create both Awallonian and Outlander PCs.
  • An epic campaign that will see the heroes travel across all of Awallon, in order to face an unprecedented threat and decide the fate of the entire world.
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