Well met, fellow travelers, and welcome to this new installment of our “Meet the Artist” column.
Last time we had the chance to know better Marcin S., our lead character artist.
Let’s introduce you today to Rich Longmore, aka Bogelbear, our lead Creature Concept Artists.

VsD: Told us briefly about you. Who you are, how you started your career, your major achievements as a professional artist…
Rich L: My name’s Rich Longmore, I’m based in Stafford, CT, and have been drawing monsters since I could hold a pencil. I used to cut classes in high school so I and my nerdy friends in the “Hyborean Legion” could chuck spears at each other in the woods. I managed to pass enough classes to graduate, go on to get an Illustration degree at Parsons School of Design, and now I get paid for doing the same kind of nonsense I used to get in trouble for. I have worked as a children’s software artist, novelty designer, graphic designer, and illustrator.

VsD: When and how did you first fall in love with the fantasy genre?
Rich L: I first fell in love with this genre when I was just a kid, and discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. From there it was onto Tolkien and Donaldson, and any other fantasy stories I could find.

VsD: What are the visual artists that influenced you the most – and why?
Rich L: Like most fantasy illustrators I guess Frazetta was my gateway drug, then Jeff Jones, and Alan Lee. Artists who influence me now are Franklin Booth, Barry Windsor Smith, Heinrich Kley, Sydney Sime, and Arthur Rackham

VsD: What do you like about Against the Darkmaster?
Rich L: I have fond memories of playing other D100 systems, me and my friends switched from D&D to Rolemaster when it was first released.

VsD: Which one is your favorite fantasy work of fiction?
Rich L: Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories

VsD: Which Against the Darkmaster character (or, in your case – creature) did you enjoy drawing the most? And why?
Rich L: I think I liked drawing the Firedrake best, because hey! who doesn’t love the chance to draw big nasty fire-spitting dragons?

Stay tuned to soon have a taste of Rich’s fantastic work on VsD’s critters!

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