Welcome back! Today we take a small break from our rules previews and discussion to give you an update on the current state of the project. We’ve received a lot of questions about the Full Rules and the Kickstarter, and we think it’s time to take stock of the situation.

The Quickstart is doing good, and we’re really happy with the kind of responses and feedback we’ve got so far. Your support has been truly awesome and helped us perfecting the rules, finding out what did or did not work as we intended. We might release a new version of the Quickstart at some point before the KS but, if we do, it’ll be only to correct some errors and give you better-edited rules. You won’t see any other rules changes until the release of the final book.

The writing of the Full Rules is nearing completion. The “core” of the book (so, basically, the rules of the game) is already done, but we still have to finish writing examples and flesh out some parts of the manual to make some procedures clearer and easier to understand. Turning all our notes from the past years into a document that could be read and understood by another human being was a long process, but we’re quite satisfied with the results.
After that, the text still needs to be reviewed and edited, but that’s something that will likely happen right after the Kickstarter.

This leads us right to our next topic: our brand new Full Rules cover!
You may already have seen some snippets of it on Twitter or Facebook, but we’re going to spoil a little more right here:

The minions of the Darkmaster are ready to strike!

So, why a new cover? We felt that we needed something to differentiate between the Quickstart and the Full Rules. Something that gave the two their own identity. At the same time, we needed some kind of continuity, a way to show that both were the same game. So we’ve contacted the insanely talented Andrea Piparo (seriously, check out his ArtStation gallery) and asked him for his take on the cover.
We know that many of you really like the QS cover art, and we’re positively sure that you’ll love the Full Rules cover just the same!

Finally, for our Italian fans, the translated Quickstart is almost ready. We’re in the final stages of layout polishing, so the Italian QS should land on DrivethruRPG very soon.

We’ve still got some news and surprises for you, including something about the Shadows of the Northern Woods campaign, but we’re going to stop here today. Until the next time, as usual, you can find us on our social pages or on our Discord channel if you have comments or questions!


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