Welcome back, mighty heroes! We’re pleased to announce that, Against the Darkmaster is now available on Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Foundry VTT. So draw your swords, cast your spells, and prepare to step on your virtual battleground of choice to wage war Against the Darkmaster!

Roll20 Character Sheet

The official Against the Darkmaster Character Sheet is freely available on Roll20 for all accounts. To set it up, all you have to do is select it from the character sheet templates when you create your game.

roll20 character sheet


Fantasy Grounds

The Fantasy Grounds module can be found on the Forge and brings all the contents of the Core Rules to Fantasy Grounds, including:

  • All Vocation, Kin, Culture records ready to drop and drag.
  • All 80 background options
  • 92 unique NPCs with tokens
  • 380 spells and 38 Spell Lores
  • An introductory Adventure is also included with the Core Book.

 It requires the free Against the Darkmaster ruleset, also found on the Forge.

Bayne, the author of the module, also made this video on YouTube showcasing the basics of the ruleset

Foundry VTT

Finally, Foundry VTT package can be downloaded for free directly from the Foundry website includes everything you need to play, and it’s also compatible with the fan-made Shadows of the Northern Woods module that you can find on our Discord server.

But we’re not done with Foundry yet, expect to see a full porting of the Core Rules (like we did for Fantasy Grounds) in the near future!



That’s all for today, heroes, let us know in the comments what’s your favorite Virtual Tabletop!

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