What makes a hero? Is it destiny? The unwavering determination to stand up for all that is good? The audacity of doing the impossible? Or just the tales bards weave to captivate their audience?

Whatever you think the correct answer is, in this Player’s Handbook you’ll find everything you need to create your hero and join the fight Against the Darkmaster. We’ve collected all the player-facing rules in the Against the Darkmaster Core Rules and the spells in the Grimoire to give you a book that would be easier to carry around and reference during play.

In other words, you can think of this Player’s Handbook as your trusty backpack, containing just what you need to venture forth in a world of high adventure.


  • Character creation rules
  • Adventuring and Traveling rules
  • Tactical combat and brutal Critical Strikes
  • Flexible magic system with over 300 spells

Available both in PDF and Hardcover POD.

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