Silence has fallen over the town of Dawnfell. The enchanted ringing of Frostchime, the sacred bell that wards away the clan of wild trolls in the Biting Woods, has vanished. Now Dawnfell is open to vicious attacks – how long can it last?

The Silence of Dawnfell is an Adventure Module for 4-6 Level 1 characters, to be used with the Against the Darkmaster Core Rules.


  • A description of the town of Dawnfell and the Biting Woods, complete with keyed maps and several adventuring locations.
  • A cast of diverse and interesting NPCs, each with their own agenda and motivations.
  • Five different factions for the PCs to interact with, in their search for the enchanted bell.
  • An epic battle against a ferocious clan of Wild Trolls!
  • Unkeyed maps to be used with your favorite virtual tabletops.
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